Monday, November 12, 2007

Mr. Sparty

There is a man at church who I will just call "Sparty" in order to maintain his anonymity. Sparty is a typical MSU fan; happy when his team wins, thrilled when Michigan loses. Mr. Sparty was very loosed lipped after the first two games that Michigan lost but has been avoiding us at church ever since. Curious huh? :) After last's week big game where Michigan once again won, we said nothing to him, his wife, or his children who are little Sparty Juniors. (He is the type of guy that even when you give a hard time, it's not very satasifying. Like when we teased him a few weeks ago about MSU losing he replied, "Oh, I don't care about football. I'm waiting for the basketball and hockey season. How is Michigan in basketball and hockey?") Ugh, walk away from Sparty. Well, he hunted us down yesterday and gave us a little crap to which I smartly followed my own advice and walked away from Sparty.
And one more thing, how come the most avid sports fans look like they haven't ever played a team sport in their life? I'm just saying ...

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Brenda said...

I'm sensing a bit of competition in your personality, ya?? :)