Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Your Opinon Please

If your child keeps coming in your bed every night but always crawls in on the same spouse's side; who is responsible for bringing that child back to his/her own bed?


Dana said...

Whichever one acknowledges the child first.

It's not practical nor efficient, but that's the way it works at our place.

And it's ALWAYS my side of the bed, btw. Even though J has to bypass Steve to get to's always my side of the bed.

Julie said...

I think that whoever's side they crawl in on. Jace keeps crawling in with us and Roger doesn't even notice. He loves to snuggle Daddy! We have to start to get serious though because he has created a pattern (and we do not have room for a king sized bed).

Patti said...

My vote...alternate whose job it is each time it happens. Hubby and I would agree before we went to bed who had to be the one to get up when our little guy woke in the middle of the night. It worked out pretty well that way because it was agreed upon ahead of time!
Good luck tonight!

Sonny said...

The one who is awoken should be the one to take them back . . .

For some reason, Faith always goes to Daddy's side. I never wake up (what I mean is I fake sleeping so Mike feels as though he needs to take her back to bed).

He wakes up - I "sleep" - He gets out of the cozy bed to put the girl back.

Unfortunately, it generally works the other way around with Bella.