Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Dozen (a belated anniversary post)

(I found a more recent pic.)

How I know I've been married for a dozen years.

  1. I laugh now when my hubby says, "you didn't get me a present did you?"

  2. I point out good looking women to my husband. Oh, and women with fake boobs.

  3. I no longer make him feel guilty for going on a boys weekend. Instead, I make homemade cookies for him to share with his golf/poker buddies.

  4. I make him feel my legs when they are freshly shaven. It used to be more of a common occurrence during the dating/newlywed stage.

  5. I can tell by his breath when he's getting a cold.

  6. I can point out my physical flaws without embarrassment

  7. Ummm ... the three kids is evidence enough that we didn't just get hitched. :)

  8. We can joke about each of our families without getting defensive.

  9. I yell, "that's my hubby" when he makes a diving catch or hits a home run when we play co-ed softball together. And by the way, I know that's cheesy & I don't care.

  10. My husband knows that sometimes "granny-panties" are called for.

  11. He is my favorite person to be with and I have the most fun with him.

  12. I love him more today than I did on June 7, 1996 - our wedding day! Love ya Jeff.


Brenda said...

I can sense you two are STILL IN LOVE...that's nice to hear :)

Cute reflections.

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!

Patti said...

AWWWWW, great post! You guys are totally a perfect couple!


Amy said...

You little cutie pies!! Congrats on the dozen...if ya put my two together i'm close...hee hee! Hope you had a great day!

Kim said...

Congratulations! What a sweet post!

MiniMe Mom said...

Congrats! I love this post!