Friday, June 06, 2008

Funnies this Week

  • When yelling through the house, "where's my keys", Zach yells back, "I don't know. I didn't use 'em". Uh yeah --- gotcha you big four year old.
  • When I stopped by Paige's class this week about ten of her classmates asked if I would sign their yearbook. I was joking how popular I was and Paige said, "Mom, don't get too carried away." I think I just got put in my place huh?

Looking at our beautiful rhododendron I comment on it's beauty and Jeff says, "Yeah, it's hideous all but two weeks out of the year." Hmmm ... he's right. But oh, for two weeks those flowers are quite grand.

Me begging Zoey to let me just buy something at Costco for her birthday treat. Her responding with no, I want dirt cake with gummy worms and a paper parasol. That all girlie?

Schools out for summer. Three words for you; bring --- it --- on!


Bradi said...

Zach's comment is my fave..hands down.

Julie said...

Waiting for an update and pictures from camping :)