Thursday, June 19, 2008

Have Kids? Must Camp!

Happy Father's Day Dads!

Picture above - cute. Picture below - not quite as cute! :)

The girls

The boys (minus Daniel who was snoozing in the stroller.)

The annual camping trip with the Guikema family is in the record books! We were supposed to go to Ludington State Park this weekend but it was closed due to flooding. So Dad G. got on the phone and found some great sites left at Van Buren State Park (South Haven). The weather was a bit cooler than normal but we had plenty of sun and the big lake was actually warm. (There is a nuclear power plant just down the lake that kicks out some heat that warms the lake up --- now if we just don't suffer any side effects --- just kidding!) The cousins got along so well and the adults had fun drinking countless cups of coffee, eating monster cookies, Vander Heide cheese, gorp, dough boys, etc. The kids loved the "elephant ears" which is crescent rolls cooked over the fire on a wooden dowel and then sprayed & shaken in a bag of cinnamon and sugar. YUM! I just love camping --- the slower pace of life, the countless special treats you only eat when camping, the kids entertaining each other without a computer or t.v. --- really you should try it.
Ummm Jeff, there is a shower here.

Mom and Dad (don't they look too cute and clean for camping?)


Brenda said...

with all your prodding (and Joel's family), I'm moving slowly but surely towards the thought of camping as a fun thing to do. We've even discussed what sort of massive, gas guzzling vehicle we'd have to own IN CASE we bought a trailer.


Julie said...

Thanks for the update! I am glad you had fun and could still go. Cute pictures---where did all those kids sleep??? Wow!

amy said...

Looks like you had a great time...any more fun camping trips planned? Wish I had a trip planned to MI for another reunion...maybe next year!!

MiniMe Mom said...

Just don't do it, Brenda. Seven straight days of camping last year made this non-camping girl a high rise hotel girl for life. LOL

Laurie said...

Hey Jamie - we go for two weeks in a couple weeks. Call us crazy ... we love it!

MiniMe Mom said...

I should have straight days of camping in the pouring rain. seven people in a trailer built for two. with dogs. and a two year old. Nuff said. LOL

I loved camping as a kid. This past year just kind of squelched any desire I had to try it out as an adult.